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Trekking Tour


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Arrival at Ulaanbaatar International Airport. Our tour guide will be awaiting you.
Transfer to the hotel. You will have some time to refresh yourself before the breakfast. After the breakfast you will start the city tour. On this tour you will visit the Sukhbaatar-Square, the Parliament and the “Peace Bridge”.
After the lunch you will also visit the Bogd Khan’s Palace Museum. Built between 1893 and 1903, this palace was initially the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan, the last Khan of Mongolia Bogdo Javzundamba VIII. Various Buddhist cultural relicts and the private collection of the Bodg Khan are displayed in this complex of buildings and temples. Some of the items are gifts from the tutors and foreign ambassadors for the Bogd Khan. The displayed art, made by Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese artists in the 18th and 19th centuries, show mostly the Buddhist Pantheon.
In the early evening you will have a great panoramic view at Ulaanbaatar City from the Zaisan-Hill.
Dinner in a local restaurant with traditional Mongolian cuisine.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

After breakfast drive to Elsen Tasarhai. It is located 270 km away from Ulaanbaatar and near the Khugnu Khan.
Elsen Tasarhai is surrounded by sand dunes, hills that are rarely covered with bushes and a small forest that is located on the lakeside.
At the southern foot of the Khugnu Khan mountain are the ruins of Ovgon Khiid, built in 1660 and destroyed (and the monks massacred) by the armies of Zuungar Galdan Boshigt, a rival of Zanabazar’s in 1640.
When we arrive there you will start your trekking tour to Ovgon Khiid ruins. It takes around 2-3 hours.
Dinner and overnight stay in a ger camp.

Today you drive to Kharakorum which is only 90 km away from the ger camp.
Visits to the Erdene Zuu monastery, Kharakorum ruins and Kharakorum’s new museum.
From a small hill, where the tombs (stupas) of Kharakorum are located, you will start your trekking to the Erdenezuu monastery. Distance around 7-8 km.
Examination of the Monastery Erdene Zuu, the oldest Buddhist monastery in the field of the Mongolia. It was erected 1568 out of the ruins of the destroyed city Kharakorum as the first Buddhist monastery of Mongolia and with the personal blessing of the 3rd Dalai Lama to the largest cloister plant of the expanded country. At the beginning up to 10,000 Lamas lived in the 100 temples. Today it is still very impressive. Powerful walls of 420m side length, trimmed with 108 Stupas, form a square around three large temples that escaped the destruction during communism.
Visit to the ruins of Kharakorum, the former capital of the large Mongolian empire. It was established in 1220 by the order of Chinggis Khaan. The city is located at the Orkhon river and was for nearly 40 years the center of the largest world empire that ever existed in the history of mankind.
Overnight stay in our own “Khangai” Ger camp.

After breakfast in the camp you drive to Tsenkher Hot Spa.
Today’s program is forest area trekking.
The hot spa is located among forests in Tsenkher Sum at an altitude of 1,660 meters above sea level.
Its water components are bicarbonate, carbonate, sodium and spluttered hydrogen. The temperature of the water is +55°C. The spring water is used for treating nervous-, back-, extremities- and cardiovascular diseases. The tourist camp is near the spa.
Dinner and overnight stay in tourist ger camp.

After breakfast drive to Orkhon valley.
Today the Orkhon valley trekking tour will lead you through the canyon, along the river and to the waterfall.
Orkhon waterfall is situated in the historically significant Orkhon Valley, whose river flows incredible 1120km to the North before it joins the mighty Selenge Gol.
Also called Ulaan Tsutgalan the waterfall was formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20,000 years ago. The fall is naturally most impressive after heavy rain.
Overnight stay in camp.

After breakfast you will drive to Tuvkhun Khiid Temple. It is located in the Khangai mountain area on the Tuvkhun mountaintop.
Today we will start our trekking from the bottom of the mountain. It takes 3-4 hours including trekking and visiting.
High in the mountains, marking the north side of the Orkhon Valley, the ruins of the ancient temple and the retreat of Zanabazar are located. Zanabazar, the first Bogd khan of Mongolian Buddhism, founded the site in 1653 and lived, worked and meditated here for 30 years. Several pilgrimage sites have grown up around the temple and hermit’s caves, including one that is said to be Zanabazar’s shoeprint.
Overnight stay in tourist ger camp.

After breakfast in the camp in the early morning you will departure to the Hustain Nuruu national park.
Today’s trekking will start from the camp to the watering place of wild horses.
In 1992 the government determined some entire mountains for the reintroduction of the wild Takhi horses in Mongolia. The national park bore a population of more than 250 Takhis. The horses are very shy and avoid people, but you will be able to see them during a Safari through the NP. Also many other interesting animals live in the national park, for example over 150 thousands marmots that you can see everywhere. In the national park you will have the possibility to pick a couple of Mongolian white flowers.
Supper and overnight stay in tourist ger camp in the NP.

Breakfast in the camp. Afterwards return trip to Ulaanbaatar.
Examination of the Mongol Costume museum that represents magnificent dresses in 400 exhibits out of all periods of Mongolian history. The highlight is obviously the collection “Queens of Chinggis Khan”.
Visit of the department store where you can choose from a large selection of gifts, cosmetics, vodka, leather ware, fur ware and the famous Mongolian cashmere products to very modest prices.
Farewell dinner with your driver and guide.
Overnight stay in the 3* hotel.

End of services
After the breakfast in the hotel transfer to the airport.
Return flight from Ulaanbaatar.