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This was the best camp we stayed at, the attention to detail from mirrors in the gers to being able to get a hot drink anytime, made it exceptional. The staff could not do enough for you, from lighting the fires in the ger, to loading up the bucket in the shower ger. The food was good, breakfast was very good. It’s situation means that it cannot be seen from the main track. The gers were the best decorated & most comfortable of our stay in Mongolia.

This trip was much more than I expected. Our horses and guides were absolutely fantastic. They made us feel welcome, well taken care of, safe and secure. The scenery, the horses and our guides were all delightful. The quality of the tents and meals were above what I expected. All of the elements were there — people, horses, scenery.

This camp is totally secluded – which is amazing if you’re looking for no cell service or power points (though they have power points in the library). The scenery is stunning, the gers are outfitted beautifully – having things like a sink (which actually has water), curtains, comfy outdoor chairs and proper duvets/pillows is the height of ger camping luxury. The food is quite good and they are very accommodating of vegetarians (if you tell them in advance). The staff were helpful and willing to organize things like a bonfire for us – but there was no set time, it just happened at some point.